What Personality Type Are You?

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Click here to take a survey, take five minutes, find what personality type you are, help a high school student in his research.

My name is Austin, I am a High School Student doing behavioral science research within the restrictions of the Intel ISEF science fair rules and regulations.

Have you ever heard the idea that by getting a dog first, you can prepare yourself for being a parent. Well what if the real connection behind this idea isn’t that dogs prepare us for parenthood, but that people who want to care for and love dogs contain good qualities for being parents.

This quiz will tell you which personality trait you most identify with and it will give me anonymous data to compare the personality traits of parents and dog owners to identify a trend or lack thereof.

Any and all survey responses are invaluable to me as each one helps further my research. I would be so very thankful if you would be willing to take my survey and share it with your family, friends and peers.

Click here to take a survey

Click here to learn more about my survey

Thank You For Your Time!




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