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Take This Personality quiz to help a high school student (me) with his research. And learn what personality trait you most identify with out of the Big Five. Your results will look like the below table.

These are my results from taking the survey myself. It shows that my best trait is emotional stability and my worst trait it extraversion.



29 thoughts on “Personality Quiz

  1. If you’re going to be asking the question whether having dogs prepares you for having children, you ought to have more questions about experiences with dogs (enjoyment, how much responsibility you have in raising them, etc) and experiences with kids (do people want them, responsibility for other children, do they handle it well if they have them, etc). I am independent and own two dogs but never want kids, and I seriously doubt that you would be able to tell me apart from someone with a similar personality that wants kids but just doesn’t have them yet. That want of kids is a very important factor you are leaving out. Good luck.

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    1. Jessie,
      Yes, despite my test trials and the scrutiny I used while picking the questions for this survey, I missed a few key points. While developing this survey, I concentrated on maintaining a compact length while giving myself a good amount of solid quantitative data to compare, the basic variables relating to my question about dog ownership status and parental status. This included years of inclusion in these groups. As it happens I did have responsibility for dogs included in one of my preliminary test surveys, but It didn’t make it to print because of the added length and the possibility to discourage survey participants. I however didn’t think about fondness or willingness until after the launch of my survey, at which point it was too late. Anyway sorry for blabbing on, your comment was very thoughtful and constructive, thank you!


    1. Felicia,
      Yes, one of my aspirations for the future is to work in the field of psychology. I especially like the behavioral sciences, its really interesting to think about why people do things and to explore with research.


    1. Sandy,
      Thank you! Although I can’t take credit for the Big Five Personality Quiz, I found it through research to use in addition to the research questions I developed for the second half of the survey.


  2. I was doubtful that I could have been a good parent. I know I am a good dog person. Dogs don’t age into children, teenagers, adults. Dogs remain “young” and yet able to function for themselves from an early age (i.e. I could leave my dog home for hours by the time he was a few months old. Well, really, since he was just a few weeks old. I have not experienced that 24-hour, 7-day-a-week care-giving demanded of a parent. But then again, the skills and love used when taking care of another being who cannot answer your questions in a verbal way will, I think, always help inform one how they might communicate children and others who have a different language or disability. Fun project! I know a group who did a little research on people who go to dog parks, which sounds full of possibilities for research and very interesting as well. Good luck on your research!

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    1. Thank you,
      I agree the central ability to care for a dependent appears in both dog owners and parents despite the great difference that occur between the groups as their dependents age.


  3. What an insightful test. I commend you on your desire to move in to the behavioral sciences, and your ability to have this test all on the internet. Best wishes and look forward to hearing how your project scored.

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  4. Hello Austin, thank you for allowing me to participate in your study. How many people have actually taken the quiz? This is a really neat idea! I wish I had the internet when I was in junior high school. You know back when people had to walk 30 miles to school in 7 feet of snow everyday 😉 lol. I read a previous comment where you said you’re interested in being a psychologist one day. Behavioral studies have always intrigued me as well. I went a different direction with my career, however I am thinking about going back to school to study psychology. I think that most people who have a passion for psychology have a highly agreeable personality, how about you?

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